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The efficacy and role of naringin

Huajuhong contains high naringin inside, let’s take a look at what kind of efficacy and function of naringin:

Naringin can be used as an edible additive, mainly for gum, refreshing drinks, etc.

Naringin has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-mutation, anti-allergic, anti-ulcer, analgesic, and blood pressure activities. It can lower blood cholesterol, reduce thrombosis, improve local microcirculation and nutritional supply, and can be used for production Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

(1) Antibacterial: The effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Shigella and Typhoid bacillus is weaker than its aglycone.

(2) Anti-inflammatory: Injecting 100mg/kg into the abdominal cavity of mice can reduce the edema of the ankle and foot. Subcutaneous injection of 100mg/kg in rats also has a significant anti-inflammatory effect, which is related to the reduction of capillary permeability.

(3) Anti-virus: 200μg/ml concentration has a strong inhibitory effect on vesicular stomatitis virus. It has a protective effect on mouse virus infection, and the survival time of the administration group is significantly longer than that of the control group.

(4) Inhibition of ocular aldose reductase: In rats, the inhibitory effect of the melt at a concentration of 10-4mol/L is 80%. This effect may be useful for the treatment of diabetic cataracts.

(5) As a bittering agent: its bitterness is equivalent to 1/5 of the bitterness of quinine (cinchonaline). But naringin 7-rutose has no bitter taste. The bitter taste of grapefruit and lime is caused by the inclusion of this product. In addition, it still has anti-peroxidation effect. It is also one of the flavonoids in the citrus genus that can stimulate the blue bird (Pupilio protenor) to lay eggs.

(6) It can be used as a raw material for the synthesis of neohesperidin and neohesperidin dihydrochalcone. Under alkaline conditions, the pyrone ring is cracked, and the dihydrochalcone sweetener can be prepared by hydrogenation treatment.

(7) When applied in a small amount, it can swell the perineum, stimulate the erection center of the spinal cord and cause hypersexuality.

Naringin efficacy and indications:

To invigorate the stomach and eliminate food, resolve phlegm and relieve cough, relax the middle and regulate qi, relieve alcohol and toxins. Indications of food accumulation, abdominal distension, coughing, sputum, dysentery, diarrhea, pale mouth during pregnancy and other diseases.

Based on a large number of medical clinical studies and animal model tests, naringin has been confirmed to have many important biological functions, including anti-oxidation, lowering blood lipids, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-allergic, etc. The results of these studies suggest that supplementing with an appropriate amount of naringin has a positive effect on the healthy growth and normal metabolism of humans and animals.

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